Teeth Whitening

You would like to see your teeth a few shades whiter but you are not prepared to pay for teeth whitening procedures just yet – can you use take-home teeth whitening trays? These trays have been around for some time and some people will swear by them, but you are right to be skeptical about whether they work and if they are safe.

What are take-home teeth whitening trays?

When you go to the dentist for a teeth whitening procedure he mixes some chemicals, including a hydrogen peroxide solution that he applies on your teeth, puts in trays, leaves them on a prescribed period and then removes them to reveal a whiter smile. Take-home teeth whitening work the same way only without the supervision of a dentist. You can buy them over the counter in large pharmacies or you can buy them online. They come in a kit that contains the chemical that is used for whitening as well as the trays. You will get instructions on how you should use the tray – how to apply the whitening agent and put on the trays, and after how long you should take them off.

Do take-home teeth whitening trays work?

Whether or not they work depends on the kind that you buy. There are some people who will tell you that they were able to whiten their teeth this way and others who will say that they have tried different brands with nothing to show for it. Others report disastrous results – trays that whitened their teeth too much, others that wore away the dentine and made teeth sensitive and others that are so strong that they leave the edges of the teeth an almost transparent color.

There is another danger with teeth whitening trays, and it is that you may be tempted to wear them for longer than is recommended in the instructions. If you have been wearing them for several days without seeing results you may decide to wear the trays throughout for a few days so that you can achieve a pearly smile, forgetting that this can do a lot of damage to your teeth.

Is it a good idea to whiten teeth at home?

If you absolutely must then you can opt for take home trays. However, teeth whitening in a dentist’s office is a much safer way to go. The dentist will use the right chemicals and put them on for just the right amount of time. Some dentists use laser to get the chemicals to work even faster so you will have white teeth in just a few minutes. If you decide that you must use take home teeth whitening trays you must make sure to look carefully into the brand that you are planning to buy. Look online to see whether it has worked for others and also what side effects they may have suffered, if any. You should be wary of teeth whitening trays that promise instant results – you may get really white teeth but the side effects that you suffer may not be worth it.

Before you use the take-home teeth whitening tray you should test it to make sure that it is safe. Apply the whitening agent on a small section of your gum and wait a few hours. If you develop irritation, redness or pain it means that the chemicals in it are not safe so you shouldn’t apply it on your teeth at all. If it is safe you can go ahead and use, but make sure that you follow the instructions that are provided carefully.

How long do take home teeth whitening trays take to work?

It depends on the brand that you use, but you have to whiten several times before you can get the results that you want – compare this to the dentist where all you need is about one hour. You may be required to wear the trays several hours a day for 3 o 4 days. If you are not impressed with the results you shouldn’t wear the trays for longer in the hopes of whiter teeth – you may cause irreversible damage, not to mention you may harm your gums.

Can I get take-home teeth whitening trays from my dentist?

Yes you can. if he feels that this is the best way to whiten your teeth he will fit you for the trays and then give you the whitening agents along with instructions on how you should use both. He will give you an appointment to monitor your progress and make adjustments where necessary.

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