Dental exams are an important part of everyone’s dental routine. However, many people have no idea what happens during these procedures. In fact, a lot of the anxiety that happens in the dentist’s chair has been linked to not knowing what the dentist is doing – all you can hear…


Almost all patients will get dental cleaning eventually. People might not get these cleanings every six months or so, but they’ll still probably get their teeth cleaned at various points throughout their lives. These routine procedures are common.


You would like to see your teeth a few shades whiter but you are not prepared to pay for teeth whitening procedures just yet – can you use take-home teeth whitening trays? These trays have been around for some time and some people will swear by them…


Dental crowns are a common solution to teeth that have suffered damage. When you visit your dentist with a damaged tooth they will present you with a variety of solutions and one of them may be the installation of crowns. Before you jump into an…

Root Canals

Root canals are a rather common dental procedure – odds are if one likes sweets, desserts and other sugary foods they will have a root canal performed at least once in their lives. If you are scheduled for this procedure you may be wondering…

Night Guards

Teeth grinding is not a very common problem, but for those who suffer it it can be serious. The best cure for teeth grinding is to find its cause so that you can stop the problem from its root but that is not always easy – some people have to live their…

Sport Guards

You have just joined a sport that involves lots of violent contact, falling down or even flying equipment such as hockey pucks. Have you stopped to think how it could affect your teeth? You may have seen sportsmen who have cracked or chipped teeth or even…


You have been thinking about getting veneers but you are wondering what they are, how they work and whether they have lasting benefits. Veneers are quite common, and they are thin pieces of porcelain that are placed over teeth to correct minor…


Dental extraction is the term used to refer to the procedure of pulling out a tooth from its socket in the bone. In most cases, a tooth is pulled out if it is completely damaged. That is, when the tooth can no longer be saved by any other means.

Periodontal Treatment

According to statistics acute periodontal diseases affects at least 5% of Americans. Another 45% suffer from a less severe form which nevertheless has the potential to develop into the full-blown version of the disease. What is periodontal disease…

Cosmetic Dentistry

In many ways, cosmetic dentistry is similar to cosmetic surgery. Really, it’s a subset of cosmetic surgery. However, cosmetic surgeons will not perform cosmetic dental procedures. These two fields do reinforce one another. Patients who need…


The dental patients who are trying to ultimately replace severely lost or damaged teeth are going to need dental implants. These devices are part of a broad category.

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