Cosmetic Dentistry

In many ways, cosmetic dentistry is similar to cosmetic surgery. Really, it’s a subset of cosmetic surgery. However, cosmetic surgeons will not perform cosmetic dental procedures. These two fields do reinforce one another. Patients who need surgery on their jaws might have to consult with both cosmetic dentists and cosmetic surgeons. Both of these groups of professionals will have the same goals in mind for their patients.

Cosmetic dental procedures are not performed in order to help patients maintain their dental health. Patients who are interested in cosmetic dentistry will want to change something about the way their teeth look.

Teeth whitening procedures all fall within the cosmetic dentistry field. People will typically get dental veneers for cosmetic benefits. Some patients will get their teeth straightened in order to improve their appearance, since there might not be any underlying dental health issues that need to be addressed through the use of braces. Having slightly crooked teeth is generally not going to threaten anyone’s dental health, but people might not like the look of their mildly crooked teeth.

Some people will assume that their teeth are unhealthy because they are dissatisfied with the appearance of their teeth. However, this is not necessarily the case. People need to be able to separate their health goals from their cosmetic ones, at least in some cases. They might need different dental procedures in order to address both sets of goals.

Trying Cosmetic Dentistry

It is true that some cosmetic dental procedures will have some health benefits. In many cases, healthy teeth are also more fashionable. However, people will not get cosmetic dental procedures because of all of the health benefits. They’re specifically trying to adjust the appearance of their teeth. If they make their teeth healthier in the process, these patients are obviously going to be happy about that. However, even in those cases, they will probably be happy about the fact that those health benefits will help them further their cosmetic goals.

The people who are able to keep their teeth healthier will also be able to efficiently maintain the appearance of their teeth. Stained teeth are also unhealthy teeth. Discoloration will cause teeth to degrade at an accelerated rate, and this is something that all people should remember. The people who brush, floss, and lighten their teeth on a regular basis will obviously be keeping their teeth both healthy and aesthetically appealing. In these cases and others, there will be some overlap between those two objectives.

Things to Know Before Getting Cosmetic Dentistry

Most people will need to schedule consultations with their dentists before they get any cosmetic dental procedures. Their dentists might refer them to specialists. Family dentists might be able to perform some cosmetic dental procedures, but it definitely varies. It all depends upon what the patient wants and needs. People will also need to consider the side effects associated with a particular set of cosmetic dental procedures.

Different cosmetic dental procedures will require different forms of preparation, which is important for all people to know. Dentists will discuss all of these procedures with their patients, helping everyone involved decide what will be best.

Teeth whitening procedures are usually fairly simple. The patients who get braces will have to maintain them for months or years, and their braces will require a lot of care. It will also take a little while for patients to prepare for braces, at least in some cases. People can’t get braces casually, even if they are getting those braces for cosmetic reasons.

Some patients might want to get their teeth filed down, for instance. However, a dentist might recommend dental veneers instead, since patients might be able to get an even look using those treatments instead. There are lots of different teeth whitening procedures that people can use today. Some dentists will talk about all of these different procedures with their patients, helping people decide which processes will work for them.

People will usually need a dental cleaning before most cosmetic dentistry procedures. They also might need to get multiple cosmetic dentistry procedures before they ultimately get the ones that they really want. The mouth is more complicated than some people think. Patients might sometimes need to get one procedure in order to prepare for another. For the patients who have problems with tooth decay, this will be a common sequence of events. However, by the end, patients will have the teeth that they have always wanted.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Maintenance

Patients who have had cosmetic dental procedures of all kinds will need to work in order to hold onto the results. Teeth can quickly get stained again, even if they were lightened very recently. Braces will typically give people permanent results. However, the teeth themselves could still decay, which will alter their appearance.

Every cosmetic dental procedure is different, and patients will have to take different steps in order to maintain the appearance of their new teeth. They will also need to make sure that they discuss this part of the process with dental professionals.

Some general cosmetic dental procedures are painless, and patients won’t have to spend a lot of time recovering afterward. However, some of these processes are more painful, and patients might have to take it easy for a few days. However, most patients will be happy with the fact that they got these cosmetic dental procedures.

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